ALL (except the Lynx) HAVE
Mounts can be horizontal, vertical, or
rib-mount configured.
Bates' Fokker DXXI ( in both sizes), Gee Bee, Stuka, Nate, Val, Babs, etc. type Landing Gear

These are designed for use with the aircraft requiring functional, shock absorbing, non-retractable
struts. Single or double fork styles, to suit your wheel (diameter/thickness) requirements.These are
available now.

Wheel shown is Williams' Bros' 5 &1/4" smooth tread balloon style, for size reference only, and is not

THESE CAN BE MADE AS SMALL (with consideration of physical length needed for the mechanism)OR
These (below) are $295 a pair in the size shown for the JDM Gee Bee and
other wire-gear equipped a/c, plus shipping, $14 in the cont. US. They are
designed to slip over the factory wire gear, and are adjustable. The brace
can also be made at a lower/higher angle to fit the wheelpants.
E-mail Lenny
Here's a pair made for the Reid's 93" Ki-27 Nate, Ziroli (and other mfg's) Stuka
are similar. Mounts available to attach to either rib or shear-web available as well.
Pricing from $225 up.
Bates' Fokker D-XXI gear now available in both sizes. The 1/5th
scale are $245 a set, the 1/4.5 scale are $295.
1/5th and 1/4.5 scale landing gear for the Fokker D XXI.
wheel (wheel not included).  $295 a pair with mounts.  Custom
sizes available for other similar gear. E-mail with specs for price.
Bates' Moth Minor struts available, can be made with aluminum
mounting blocks or roughed up top for epoxying into hardwood
block as shown. Scissors are available.
Another variant for the Reid Ki27 and similar, to slip over the existing wire gear, after
shortening it. Available for the Nate, Stuka, and other similar setups. Email with specific
needs, avg price from around $200. Approx 1-2-week turnaround if not in stock.
Single or double forks available. Specify wire size, these are for a 1/4" main wire, and a
3/16" secondary brace wire on the back. The brace bracket is available for others as
well, including ones with the flat mounting block. Lmk what you need.       3/2009
Gear for David Anderson's Grumman Lynx are available, stainless
steel strut, flexible cable steering, mount attaches to rear of firewall.  
Standard version, $325, Deluxe version, $425. Shipping included.
These are for an 80" D3a Val.