P-51, P-47, Zero, and other
offset-fork gear.  Nose/tail wheels also.
P-47, P-51, and other offset
landing gear. Retract angle
to your specs, 100" P-47
mains and tail wheel retract
These can also be made to 90 degrees, or any other angle you need. Lower photo is blast-polish
finish (available at a slight premium), top is natural aluminum. These gear are $395 per pair and up.
They are machined to your retract angle, strut length, and the fork is machined to fit your wheel size &
offset requirements.
These have 1/4"  axles, but can be machined for any axle size.  Usual options apply, scissors $60 a set
($30 per leg), door mounts $35 a set of 4 with mounting hardware, and shipping is $14 in the cont. US.
E-mail Shindin machine
Photos of the new gear for the 122" quarter-scale P-47, click here.
Nose gear can be built to your specs, email for info & pricing.
Gear now available with the strut mounted out front to fit thinner wings. Various mounting plate, retracted and extended angles, and actuator options are available.Please note that there is an
additional charge to fit the Wingspan actuators, due to their proprietary jackscrew thread.
Replacement cylinders for Byron retract units are now available (photos to follow). This is a retro-fit of a Bimba industrial unit
to the Byron style gear, and is air up and air down. E-mail for details. Cost is $75 per retract, plus shipping.